Chinese Steam Bun (花捲)


This is a special posting, little girl and I had the privilage to learn how to make 花捲 from my parents today, I don’t have the specific recipe of the dough yet, will post as soon as my Mom sends it to me. The following are the pictorial steps of how they were made.

Step 1: Kneed the dough
Step 2: Roll it out flat, into a rectangular shape
Step 3: Apply olive oil
Step 4: Fold the sheet to distribute oil, then sprinkle salt
Step 5: Sprinkle green onion all over
Step 6: This is how the sheet should look before rolling
Step 7: Roll the sheet up (from the wider side)
Step 8: This is how the it looks from side ways
Step 10: Cut the rolls to about 1.5 inches wide
Step 11: Press in the middle with chopstick to make a fold
Step 12: Let them rest for 20 minutes
Step 13: Off to the steamer they go, for 12-15 mins
Step 14: Ready to serve!

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  1. Rice Palette says:

    Looks very delicious.. I like how you provided all the photos each step of the way for us noobs 🙂

    1. Jeno says:

      Thank you Rice Palette! It was real fun learning from my Mom…

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