Watermelon Granita

I don’t know about you, but here at Texas it feels like SUMMER! This is why when I saw The Comfort of Cooking‘s latest post yesterday, a trip to the grocery store was in order! As soon as I picked up little girl after Summer Camp, we made a quick run to the nearest HEB for a big watermelon, some lime, then went home to start the preparation. I did have to tell her the granita was not going to be ready to eat right away, since it does take a few hours to get frozen, but I know little girl is really looking forward to a weekend of refreshing slushie for dessert/snack!


1/3 cup sugar (equivalent Splenda sugar substitute may be used)

1/3 cup water

4 pounds seedless watermelon, cut into 1-inch cubes (about 5 cups)

2 Tablespoons fresh lime juice


Make a simple syrup by heating sugar and water over high heat, stirring until all the sugar has dissolved. Let cool.

Place the watermelon and lime juice in a heavy-duty blender and process until smooth. Add simple syrup to the puree and pulse until combined.

Pour liquid into a 8 x 8-inch baking dish. Freeze, stirring and scraping with a fork every 30 minutes, until all of the liquid has frozen. This should take about 5-6 hours. May be stored in the freezer up to 5 days.

Stir again before serving. Serve watermelon granita in large glasses.

My little girl helped with squeezing the lime juice (it’s quite a workout), dropping the watermelon chunks into the blender while sneaking some into her mouth. I just tasted the finished granita and it’s so refreshing with a hint of tartness.  Enjoy!


Recipe from The Comfort of Cooking


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  1. Hmm!! I love it! I saw it on Georgia’s site too. It’s great that your princess helped you. I should make it our next project too. Kids will love this! Cindy, I love your picture!! Nice styling too. 😉 Have a great weekend!

    1. Jeno says:

      Thank you Nami! I quickly read through the photographer’s posting yesterday through your link, really wanted to try natural lighting, but this is a frozen recipe so I was trying to quickly take the photos before things become a melty mess, and there’s just not enough lighting inside my house… It’s trial and error, but I am glad you like the photos! : )

      I can not wait until Trini gets out from Summer Camp so I can see the joy on her face when she takes the first big bite of this granita, she’s really showing lots of enthusiasm when it comes to dessert making. Hope you and your family will enjoy this recipe also!

  2. Sissi says:

    Your granita looks so seducing and refreshing! I have just bought a huge watermelon, but, as usually, I have no more space in the freezer 😦
    I will mix my watermelon, add some lime, lots of crushed ice and pretend I am having a very distant cousin of your granita 😉
    (Jeno, I like a lot your night photos! They are lovely, original and go perfectly well with the title of your blog! Of course I am not a specialist… my own photos are far from perfection, but I truly enjoy watching yours)

    1. Jeno says:

      Oh thank you so much Sissi! I am definitely not that great with photography yet, but it’s fun trying to “style” the food and hoping the photo will turn out well. Your idea of faux granita sounds yummy also, hope you will enjoy it this weekend!

  3. Aww, Jeno, I’m so glad you enjoyed this granita! It looks like it turned out just great, and very yummy… gotta love that color, huh? I hope you and your little girl enjoy it as a fresh, fruity way to beat the heat! 🙂 So glad I could inspire you with such a simple recipe.

    1. Jeno says:

      Thank you Georgia! We really enjoyed making the granita! My little girl is starting to show a lot of enthusiasm when it comes to dessert making, your recipe is so easy and tastes so great, she loved going to check on them every 30 minutes and scrape on the ice. Haha!

  4. kankana says:

    Watermelon is everywhere during summer and here in west coast CA i am feeling a lot like summer too 🙂 This granita looks lovely. I too made a watermelon cooler recently 🙂

    1. Jeno says:

      Hi Kankana! Welcome! Just checked out your blog and it looks absolutely lovely! I will have to dig around some more this weekend for deliciousness! I can’t wait to dig into the granita once my little girls arrives home, it’s about 100 degrees outside and humid, watermelon come save me!

  5. lyntrinix says:

    This is just so refreshing for summer! Esp. with watermelons! Just like eating sweet crushed/shaved ice! Your little girl must be so happy and had fun helping you! 😀

    1. Jeno says:

      Lyn, Trinity had a great time helping me make this, she also helped with baking 2 loafs of cake last weekend, it’s a great bonding experience! I am already thinking about what other types of granitas to make next! Have a great weekend!

  6. Aww, this is perfect for a hot summer evening! 😀

  7. This watermelon granita sounds so refreshing! For some reason my boys are not very keen on melons. Maybe this is the way to get them to give it a second chance.

    1. Jeno says:

      Hi Biren! I was not much a watermelon fan either, in fact I was not very keen about fruits in general while growing up, though now a days I LOVE them, so there’s definitely a possibility your boys will end up giving melons another chance! I have been watching out for your FB postings, congrats on being selected as Foodista Food Blog of the Day, how wonderful!

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