Newly Organized Kitchen

Hello everyone, just wanted to stop by and see how’s your weekend going? Also to post some photos of my little kitchen organization project. I really should have taken the “Before” photo, but it was way too messy, so I decided against embarrassing myself…  The above photo is of the newly labeled cooking ingredient containers, I also moved the cooking utensils out of the drawers to make room for the measuring spoons and cups. The idea came from many organization blogs and magazines, apparently just by moving the large utensils out of the drawers, not only are they a lot more accessible, I won’t have to dig around for the tiny measuring spoons in the future. This thought makes me very happy!

I also moved some of the small appliances around, the rarely used ones were moved to cabinets to make space for cooking preparation. Here is a corner of the kitchen.

At the other side of the stove, I’ve set up a breakfast station for my little girl. Nothing fancy, just the breadbox, honey and peanut butter, also children’s gummy vitamin so she will remember to take them first thing in the morning.

I also cleaned out all the old spices and seasoning from the above cabinet. Put the various rice into air tight containers on the bottom cabinet. Can you believe there were 3 big trash bags I had to throw out? It’s sad to be so wasteful, but most of the spices were bought from years ago when my hubby was the one cooking, and they have seen much better days! Here is a photo of the top cabinet:

Since I am not much of a baker, so those type of goodies go on the taller shelf. The bottom shelf pull out drawers are seasonings I use quite a bit, the black box contains ingredients I use occasionally, but by giving them an easy accessible place, maybe I will be more inspired to try more exotic recipes…

Do you love your kitchen as much as I do now? Can’t wait for Monday to come around so I can put my newly organized kitchen to use!


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  1. Sissi says:

    Jeno, you seem to be such an organised person! I have a big kitchen, but it’s packed with so many things… Tableware, baking dishes, tools, utensils and food…. I always lack space…. I have to take a lesson from you and start tidying all up!

    1. Jeno says:

      Oh Sissi, I am actually FAR from being organized! The only reason why I’ve started being more aware of my messiness is because I’ve made some good friends in the neighborhood, and they are just so good at keeping their homes in order. The happy feelings I get while step into their homes made me realize the importance of being well organized! This morning I woke up and stepped into my kitchen with a huge smile on my face. Haha!

  2. Lyn says:

    I love your kitchen new look! 😀
    After seeing your arrangement, I was telling myself : “Why didn’t I thought of using small little basket/container to put all the things to be kept in the cabinets?” I must do this too when our new nest is ready! I’m so excited! 😀
    Last time at my previous house, I just put all the condiments into the cabinets and whenever I need to use something, I’d had to take out almost everything in there and then put it all back again one by one. lol
    Tks for sharing your great idea! 😀

    1. Jeno says:

      Lyn, my kitchen was so disorganized that it would take much longer to cook than necessary. My husband kept his spices in one large plastic bin, still in their original bags. It would take quite an effort to pull the bin out from the lower cabinet, look through all the bags to find what I was looking for, and hoping the spice is still fresh. I found the little plastic containers in my favorite Korean supermarket, each costs about 1 dollar, now everything’s nice and clean and I am so happy! Can’t wait to see how you will organize your new nest’s kitchen when you move in. Very excited for you!

      1. Lyn says:

        Tks Jeno! Tks for feeling excited about my new nest too! 😀
        I’ll post it up when we move in! 😀

  3. I’m sitting here with big eyes, looking at all that wonderful order and structure! 😀 I want that, too! But then it just takes a few days, and my kitchen chaos is back. Because I always think that I have other things to do than tidying. But I love my apartment when it’s tidy, so obviously this needs some adjustment.

    1. Jeno says:

      Thank you Kath! Every time I walk pass my kitchen, there a smile on my face. Hahah, what a dork right? I totally understand what you mean by there are better things to do than tidying, especially on a Saturday afternoon. But it’s been so hot lately so we pretty much just hide out indoors on the weekends, so organization has become sort of a hobby. 🙂

  4. kankana says:

    Wow Jeno, you are good 🙂 and this kitchen looks very organized! I am one of those control freaks you know.. everything needs to be in place but my kitchen is so tiny that no matter how much I organise .. i little need space.

    1. Jeno says:

      Kankana, From looking at your wonderful photographs, I imagined your kitchen much have tons of space for you to work on the master pieces. Thank you for the compliments, the organized kitchen makes me so happy!

  5. Carrie says:

    I recently found out that many spices/seasonings are only good for a year. Now when I open a container of spices I label the bottom of the container with the date opened! I too cleaned out my cupboards filling up my trashcan with spices from 10 years ago!!

    1. Jeno says:

      Carrie!!! I am so excited you were on my blog! That’s a great idea to mark the container with the open date, I should definitely incorporate that. Thank you!

  6. Shinae Nae says:

    Jeno, Your kitchen is lovely and FAR MORE ORGANIZED than mine. I like your tile backsplash a lot!

    And you need to post again.

    Thanks. 😛

    1. Jeno says:

      I know I Know Shinae… I have been cooking regularly but my design business is stressing me out a bit, so spending downtime blogging doesn’t seem as appealing as sitting in front of the TV and zone out on “American Horror Story”. I promise to pick it up as soon as I am done with this never ending project…

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