Korean Style Pork Chop


It’s always good when the family’s buzzing around me when I am cooking, I assume it’s because the smell draws them there! Well this is a very simple dish to prepare, just need to remember the marinate the pork chop the night before to ensure the flavor soaks through…

10-12 pieces of thinly sliced pork chops
1 bunch of bok choi, cleaned and cut in half
1 cup of Korean BBQ marinate
dash of sesame seeds
dash of salt

The night before, put pork chops in a bowl, pour the marinate over and make sure it’s evenly distributed
Boil water in a small pot, add the salt once water is ready, dump the bok choi in, sit for about 2-3 minutes, take them out and displayed nicely on a dish.
Heat up the oil in a frying pan, fry the pork chops at medium-high heat, there might be splatter so be careful. I fried them in 2 batches, each thin pork chop took about 2-3 minutes on each side.
Once pork chops are done, take them out and stack onto the bok choi, then drizzle some more BBQ marinate on top, also dash of sesame seeds. Serve with white rice immediately.


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  1. These pork chops look so delicious and they go so well with the baby bok choy too!

    1. Jeno says:

      Hi There! You would not believe it but I have been thinking about your blog today, but not able to find it since I am not the most organized person (Something I’ve been working on). It’s amazing 2 hours later your comments started popping up! Do you have a FaceBook page so I can make sure to keep up with your postings?

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