Curry Chicken



Bought a box of Hot Vermont Curry (House Sauce Mix Brand) at the Asian market a couple of months back, never remembered to use it. Since I didn’t have much to work with today, decided to defrost some chicken breast to tes this out.


Cut meat or chicken, onion, potatoes and carrot into bite size. Saute in saucepan until lightly browned. Add 2 cups of water and bring to boil. Cook over medium heat about 20 mins.

Remove from heat, Break curry sauce mix into pieces and add to saucepan (I used half of the box and it was PLENTY)

Cook over low heat about 20 mins, or until curry thickens (I found the curry thickened quickly, so I added about 1/2 more cup of water while simmering the second time)

The curry turned out real hearty and mild enough for my little girl to handle, hubby had seconds and he said it’s worth repeating.

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